Contrary to popular belief, the role of commercial visual communication isn’t selling the client’s product. They shouldn’t need us for that. The unique qualities of their product should sell itself. Our role is to communicate these qualities, because anything beyond that is a deception. 
I guess I don’t quite fit into any of the usual industry moulds. Sometimes this helps, sometimes it hinders. But it’s who I am and I see it as my role to push for social change through visual communication.
Working mainly in the community and cultural sectors, not just because that’s where the best work is, but because our environment is already cluttered with corporate imagery that often doesn’t represent the community’s best interests. Alternative visual messages struggle to be heard above the noise of domineering media. They need to communicate astutely with convincing power and drama, or even quietly with careful subtlety, just to compete.
I actively engage individually or collaboratively with projects of all sizes across a diversity of media, delivering innovative and effective communication for digital, print and environmental media. I’m passionate about my work, and the role of my work in a broader social context. Helping address big issues and subtle messages using design with emotional and cultural relevance to give them a powerful visual voice.
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